Beluga is created in Mariinsk Distillery, 300 km from the nearest town in the heart of Siberia, and has been since it was established as a brand in 2009. The distillery itself can trace its first productions to 1900, but now it is responsible for the entire Beluga Vodka range.

Since the brand’s inception, Beluga has managed to retain a rustic and local practice to its distillation method that benefits from state of the art equipment, by taking advantage of the rural location of the distillery. The spirit is made with 100% wheat grain, the water source comes from 300 metre-deep wells and there are no modified additives, only honey and oat extract. These ingredients are then treated to a triple distillation process, before the vodka is fed through a mechanical filter, carbon column and double-flow filter, in that order.

It is the combination of these dedicated techniques and a truly artisan spirit that has led to the creation of Russia’s best-selling super premium vodka Beluga Noble Vodka, the core product of the range. If you want an exceptionally clean, all natural, environment friendly vodka then you really shouldn’t look any further.