The Belvedere vodka brand was launched in 1993 by Polmos Zyrardów, which is located in a small Polish town which shares its name. The distillery is over 100 years old at this point – it was privatised in 2001, with Millennium LLC being the main shareholders. Millennium LLC were eventually acquired by LVMH, who are still the owners of the Belvedere brand. It’s named after Belweder Palace in Warsaw, and the name means “beautiful to see” – rather apt considering the very distinctive bottles. They use Dankowskie rye from Poland to create their spirit, and have also enjoyed some forays into flavoured expressions too. They have also notably been involved with the (Red) campaign, releasing a limited edition bottle design and donating part of the profits to the charity. Belvedere’s Head of Spirit Creation & Mixology is Claire Smith-Warner.